MD LIVE Tool V3.4.27.886 Free Download 2024

MD LIVE Tool V3.4.27.886 is a mobile forensic software used for on-scene birth and analysis of digital substantiation from smartphones and other mobile biases. It’s especially helpful for investigators who need to collect and dissect substantiation snappily and efficiently, right at the scene of an incident.

 MD LIVE Tool V3

Features MD- LIVE

General Features


Rapid Deployment: Quick launch and set up for immediate on-scene use.

Live Acquisition: Extract data directly from a connected device without powering it off, minimizing tampering pitfalls.

Selective Extraction:  Choose specific data types to target(e.g., textbooksprints, app data) while conserving sequestration and saving time.

Data Integrity: Maintain chain of guardianship with tamper-evidence substantiation collection and logging.

Reporting: Generate detailed reports of the data accession and analysis process.


Investigative & Analysis Features

Keyword Search: This important hunt tool to snappily find applicable information grounded on keywords or expressions.

Timeline: Analysis Reconstruct the chronological order of events and conditioning on the device.

Data: Visualization Display uprooted data in clear and intuitive formats for easy appreciation.

Artifact Recovery: detects and recovers deleted lines, dispatches, and other retired data.

Hashing and comparison: corroborate data integrity and compare substantiation across multiple biases.


Witness/Victim Protection Features:

Redaction & Anonymization: Mask sensitive information like particular details before participating or reporting.

Selective Acquisition Targeting: Minimize data collection to only applicable substantiation types, guarding sequestration.

Forensic Process translucency: Screen recording and inspection logs to demonstrate the legal and ethical conduct of the disquisition.


Ease of Use & Efficiency Features


Intuitive Interface: stoner-friendly design for non-technical investigators.

Automated Tasks: Automate repetitious processes for brisk data accession and analysis.

High- Speed Machine: Process large quantities of data snappily and efficiently.

Offline Analysis: dissect data indeed without internet connectivity.


How To Use?

1- Download and install setup

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